Elevated Wooden Path

The Elevated Wooden Path is 800m long and offers breath taking views of Shiretoko Renzan and the Ohortuku ocean as you walk toward the 1st Lake.
  • No charge
  • View Wildlife Safely
  • The Elevated Wooden Path offers a safe viewing platform due to the installation of an electric fence.
  • Wheelchair access is convenient and the pathway is level.
  • Ground Pathways access is not available from the Elevated Wooden Path observatories.Please follow the route as it was designed to facilitate bears.

Preparations for Walking

  • Walking Attire .pdf is a material for those who are planning to take a walk on the Ground Pathways, but We think that it will be useful for those who are planning to walk through the Elevated Wooden Path.
  • Wheelchairs are available for free rental at Shiretoko Goko Field House.

Shiretoko Goko Lakes Visitor Rule Guidelines

  1. Do not feed the animals in the wild
  2. Do not litter
  3. Do not cook or eat
  4. No Smoking
  5. Keep to prescribed pathways and preserve the marshland and vegetation
  6. Do not bring any plants or animals
  7. Don't fly the drone.

Do Not Feed The Animals

Do not feed brown bear and wildlife.
It is our promise to visit Shiretoko.