In order to protect the natural vegetation and to ensure a safe environment especially around brown bears, new visitation rules were introduced in 2011.

Walking Guidelines

Regional Sustainability Goal

To preserve the natural vista's and biological diversity for future generations within this primeval environment.
Guides working in the region during the season must be certified by the Ministry of the Environment or authorized agents.
In conjunction with the residences association, sightseeing agencies and the governments conservation of nature mandate, the Shiretoko Goko Lakes' association was formed. Periodical meetings are conducted. Please read the minutes from "The Data Center of Shiretoko".
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Ministry of Environment, Nature conservation office Utoro, Hokkaido

Zip code 099-4354
Shari-cho Shari-gun, Hokkaido Utoro-cho 186-10 Japan Shiretoko World Heritage Center

Shiretoko Goko Lakes Visitor Rule Guidelines

  1. Do not feed the animals in the wild
  2. Do not litter
  3. Do not cook or eat
  4. No Smoking
  5. Keep to prescribed pathways and preserve the marshland and vegetation
  6. Do not bring any plants or animals
  7. Don't fly the drone.

Do Not Feed The Animals

Do not feed brown bear and wildlife.
It is our promise to visit Shiretoko.