Important Visitation rules at the Shiretoko goko lakes have changed.

There have been issues at the Shiretoko goko lakes such as encroachment on vegetation due to crowds and the danger of bears appearing, frequently causing the trails to be closed to visitors.
New rules have been established to address these issues.
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Present situation of the Trail

Route Condition Open - Close
ground pathway
elevated wooden path

Reservations for Shiretoko goko lakes walks

Reservations are required when walking the Shiretoko goko lakes ground pathway (Lake 2nd to Lake 5th) during the period below.

  • Park opening to May 9 - Ecosystem aware season
  • May 10 to July 31 - Bear aware season
  • August 1 to October 20 - Ecosystem aware season
  • October 21 to Park Closing - Open to all visitors

Reservations are not required when using the elevated wooden path (to Lake 1st).
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Measures for Avoiding and Handling Encounters with Bears

Elevated wooden path


The elevated wooden path is 800 meters long and takes you to Lake 1st. Here you can experience the beauty of the Shiretoko goko lakes region, such as the Shiretoko mountain range reflected in Lake 1st and panoramic views of the Sea of Okhotsk.
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Ground pathway


The ground pathway lets visitors stroll through native forest from Lake 2nd to Lake 5th. New rules for using the Shiretoko goko lakes ground pathway take effect from the 2011 season and vary with the period.
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Let's take a bird's view of the Shiretoko goko lakes! We also introduce you to the Shiretoko goko lakes during the four seasons.
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